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Fly with bungee fitness!

Join us for a LOW-IMPACT, HIGH ENERGY workout!

Students are tethered to an elastic bungee cord that’s attached to your harness and carabiner, you can perform all kinds of tricks and aerobic exercises that tone, strengthen, & inspire. A bungee workout can enhance your coordination, boost your strength, & skyrocket your confidence. It’s a cardiovascular workout minus the impact, so it’s gentler on the body’s joints. The bungee cord gives just enough resistance to keep your muscles working, along with an element of playfulness that keeps you interested & engaged.

Low-Impact, High-Energy Workout

As you experience the freedom of flight, a bungee workout can synthesize components of pilates, yoga, dance, circus, and good old-fashioned aerobics. With the bungee harness and cord as your apparatus, you can reimagine many mid-air moves and poses that may have been previously inaccessible, like handstands, forearm stands, side flips and more.

Bungee equipment is used by physical therapists in rehabilitation settings for individuals with weak legs, as the bungee is a supportive way to gain strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be having so much fun that you won’t even notice how strong of a workout it is!

Yes! You’ll be working your entire body, elevating your heart rate, and getting stronger with each session. And because it’s a high intensity, low-impact approach to working out, this method can be a wonderful way to get moving for virtually everyone — including those who may have compromised joints like more mature individuals and those who have larger bodies. Bungee training is also a great option for HIIT.

Comfortable, fitted clothing like leggings are best. Sneakers are optional!

Absolutely! What great about the Bungee is you don’t actually have to spin! During class, we will gradually introduce upside and spinning movements, while encouraging everyone to go at their own pace. 90% of movements on the bungee will not include spinning. If that doesn’t set your stomach at ease, here’s a few tips you should try: 

  • Never spin on an empty stomach. Likewise, never spin on a stomach that is too full.

  • Aim for just the right amount of food. A light meal that includes protein is known to help. (Fatty / spicy foods will do the opposite.)

  • Ginger has been known to curb nausea.

  • Freshen your breath or place essential oils, such as peppermint or eucalyptus behind your ear. Smelling pleasant aromas can trick your brain into releasing dopamine, helping you to not feel sick.

  • If all else fails, medicine may be best for you! Dramamine and antacids are commonly used in aerial arts.

The the bungee is designed to pull you up, your job is to push yourself down. In order for this to happen, your mind will subconsciously engage your core, keeping your whole body connected during each movement. Our favorite thing about Bungee is how the fun masks the fitness. While we are having so much fun learning the Art of Bungee, we don’t even realize how hard we’re working until, one, we’re sweating or two, we’re driving home and feel the beautiful reward of slight muscle soreness in our body! It’s estimated that 30 seconds on the Bungee is equivalent to 2 minutes of Cardio anywhere else!

Bungee it is a skill like anything else. It will require building proper muscles memory which comes over time with class experience. As much as it can be tempting to want to be a pro at it right away, we’re thankful for the journey. It allows us to take our time with building endurance, building trust with the bungee, along with the strengthening our muscles groups that don’t get used as often in day to day life. If you have a history of motion sickness, that’s okay!What’s so great about the Bungee is you don’t have to spin! During class, we will gradually introduce upside and spinning movements, while encouraging everyone to go at their own pace.

Water! Otherwise, most things are optional! It’s all based on what you personally prefer.

Here are some items you might want to bring to class:

  • Raw Ginger or Dramamine (to combat excessive dizziness)

  • Biking Shorts (with built in padding to increase comfort with the harness in the inner thigh region)

  • Knee Pads

  • Weight Lifting Gloves

People tend to like bungee on an emptier stomach. A good rule of thumb is to fast an hour before class. Aim for just the right amount of food. A light meal that includes protein is known to help. Fatty / spicy foods will do the opposite. If you tend to get dizzy, raw ginger can be helpful! Some have found that taking a Dramamine before class can help, if they are prone to struggling with dizziness or even vertigo.

No! What’s AMAZING about Bungee is it absorbs your weight so your joints don’t have to! This allows your muscles and core to do all the work and won’t have to worry about your joints any beating. Imagine feeling weightless while you’re working out. That’s Bungee!

Yes and no! We offer two types of Bungee during each class period. Front Point (where the bungee is attached to the front of the harness) and Back Point (where the bungee is attached to the back). Pregnant women should not participate in the Back Point portion of the class. This is due to the pressure the harness could place on the lower abdomen; however, they are welcome to do all of the skills in Front Point! During the first trimester of pregnancy, is it important to not start a new form of physical activity without consulting your doctor; however, if you were taking Bungee before pregnancy occurred, it will not be harmful to most to continue during the first two trimesters of pregnancy unless unforeseen nausea occurred. Something to keep in mind is most women will experience some abdominal separation during the second to third trimester. This weakens your core, making bungee more difficult than what you experienced previously.

While the bungee can hold ample weight, the weight limit is considered 325 due to the harness sizes. 

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Fun, safety, & fellowship!

We have really enjoyed our daughter’s gymnastics experience at Kelly’s School of Dance. Not only do they care about safety and proper form, but they care about the hearts of your kids, and they instill good work ethics in these kids.For the 5-6 year old age range, they focus on fun, safety, and fellowship.
Emily Y.

Exactly what we were looking for!

KSDA provides exactly the experience we were looking for for our 7 year old daughter who was interested in trying dance. It is affordable and has a wholesome atmosphere. We looked into other dance academies in the area, but the music choice and use of makeup and revealing costumes did not seem age appropriate. My daughter has has a great time at her weekly classes, this is one activity I don't have to push her to go to!
Caroline B.

They have adult classes!

I’ve been going to this studio for 2 years and I’m about to start my third! This has been such a fun and faith based community that I’ve loved being a part of. They always answer any questions I’ve had and are sure to involve everyone in their classes! I’ll continue to recommend them to others! My favorite part of this studio is that they have adult classes! It’s been nice to continue my fitness through silks, lyra, trapeze, bungee and more! They even have date nights for couples.
Natasha V

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